The best time to visit Greece depends on what’s most important to you. Is it the weather, less crowded times, or is your schedule the only factor? We’ve compiled a list of things to consider when planning your travel to Greece.

Best Weather

Even with varying temperatures, you can count on getting plenty of sun almost anytime of the year in Greece. July, August, and September are the hottest months. August can be absolutely scorching, but the Greek islands provide a nice reprieve from the heat during this month. The unsheltered beaches of islands like Naxos, Paros, and Santorini provide pleasant breezes during the summer months. To get the best weather on the islands, visit from early May to early October. Plus, the majority of the ferry routes operate regularly during these months.

For mainland Greece, you can ensure pleasant weather for outdoor activities during the months of April, May, early June, October, and November.

If the heat of summer isn’t for you, then November to April are great months to travel to Greece. There are less crowds, which gives you more opportunities to get up close and personal with the authentic culture. However, getting a ferry to an island is more difficult during this time, but major islands have easily accessible airports. There is also so much to explore on the mainland of Greece.

Quietest Time

If you want to travel to Greece during a quiet time without major crowds, avoid the month of August. Greeks typically holiday to the islands in August. This means hotels and villas are often booked a year in advance. Luckily there are ways to escape the crowds even in the midst of high season. Look for ways to go off the beaten path and rent a house or villa versus staying in a crowded hotel.

When To Book Your Greece Travel

Book your lodging at least 6 months out, if you’re traveling between May and September. If you have a large group, make your reservation a year out even if you need to change it later. Hotels on Greek islands fill up particularly fast between the months of July and September.

Be Aware of Greek Holidays

Being in Greece during a holiday can be a wonderful experience. Join in and take part in the festivities or ceremonies, but be aware that when there is a national holiday – shops, restaurants, and even public transportation can shut down. Know if there will be any Greek holidays taking place during your visit. If there is a holiday during your stay in Greece, research what will be open or closed. Plan your activities around any closures.

The following are the remaining 2019 Greece holidays: 

Oct 28 (Monday): The Ochi Day

Nov 17 (Sunday): Polytechneio

Nov 21 (Thursday): Armed Forces Day

Dec 25 (Wednesday): Christmas Day

Dec 26 (Thursday): Synaxis of the Mother of God

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When to Visit Greece