There are so many Naxos villages to explore, but one of our favorites is the beautiful village of Halki. Halki was once the capital of Naxos but is now a quiet village but worthy of a day trip to explore all it has to offer.

Explore the Historic Sites

Halki has a history even before it became the capital of Naxos. There are several historic churches in the village. One of the best churches to visit in Saint George Diasoritis. Saint George is a byzantine church built in the 11th century. It is a short walk from town but is easy to find. The church is only open in July and August during the high season. If you are there in winter, it is still worth a walk to see the outside and the beautiful surroundings.

Saint George Diasoritis Halki Naxos

Naxos was once part of a Venetian Duchy and therefore, there are Venetian towers dotting the landscape. The Gratzia Tower in Halki is located near the bus stop. While you cannot enter the tower, it is still an interesting piece of history. It is a bit strange to see a piece of Venetian history on a Greek island.

Take a Hike

All around Naxos are hiking trails. They are marked with little red signs on the paths and larger signs in the villages. Several of these hikes surround Halki, making it a great place to start one of the hikes. Along the hikes are other historic sites to see like the Church of the Panagia and a waterfall.

Halki Naxos

Shop, Drink and Eat

The main village square has some lovely shops to explore and a few gems of places to eat. If you love ceramics and fine art then you should visit the shop of Fish and Olive. This ceramics studio offers some amazing pieces of art. They also sell some wonderful jewelry pieces. They have two locations in town. One is near the Volkswagon beetle (you can’t miss this) and the other is on the next street over.

Halki Naxos

The village is also home to one of the distilleries of Kitron on the island. Kitron is a liquor made from the citron fruit. The distillery is also a museum so you can walk around inside and see how the process has not changed much over the years. If you go on the right day you might even get to watch the process of making the Kitron.

There are several places to eat in the main area. One place to go for a coffee is La Dolce Vita. You must try the orange cake here. It is amazing.

How to Get to Halki

Naxos, Greece has a good public bus system and the bus goes to Halki several times a day. You can get the bus from Naxos Town right near the port. The return bus picks you up from across the street from the Church of the Panagia Protothronos. During the off-season, the bus does not come as often and it is a good idea to make note of the last bus that leaves Halki for Naxos Town.

Taxis will take you as well. Be sure to have the taxi number on hand to book it for your return. Many people rent a car while in Naxos and are probably the best option if you want to explore more than one village in a day.


Halki Naxos Greece