Wine is plentiful throughout the country of Greece. From the Peloponnese peninsula region to Northern Greece, grapes are grown with care and distinction. You can find delightful wines anywhere in Greece, but the wine of Santorini is especially unique.

Santorini vineyardsOn Santorini, grape vines are grown in a basket shape on the island’s volcanic soil. The vineyards are faced with little rain, much wind, salty moisture from the sea, and cool temperatures at night. Due to these conditions, the grapes are protected using the koulara method – weaving the vines into continuous circles.

Assyrtikio is Santorini’s famous white grape that has high acidity. It creates the most memorable wines in the world. Be sure to ask the winemakers you encounter on Santorini for a history of wine making on the island. The stories you hear will only enhance the taste and aromas.

The following are brief reviews of some of the wineries we love on Santorini…. 

Hatzidakis Winery

Hatzidakis Winery has a mysterious underground ambiance. The tasting room and full operation is in a cave. It makes for a fun, vintage feel and is a great place to take small groups. Take the winemaker up on their offer to give you a tour. We appreciate that the winemakers take the time to answer questions, and give an up close and personal look at their process.

Wines we recommend at Hatzidakis Winery are the Aidani and the dessert wine.

Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos Winery is aesthetically pleasing. We classify it as one of the most romantic wineries on Santorini. It has a terrace overlooking the caldera and is a perfect place for a pre-dinner drink. Be sure to walk through the inside as well to experience architecture within the caves.

We recommend a bottle of the Santorini Venetsanos.

Artemis Karamolegos Winery

Artemis Karamolegos Winery gives you a taste of Greek culture at its finest. The outdoor terrace is a great place to relax. If you’re doing a wine tour, stop here midway through to have some food with your tasting.

The wine we recommend at Artemis Karamolegos is their award winning, Assyrtiko.

Vassaltis Vineyards

Vassaltis Vineyards is one of newest wineries on Santorini. It is located on one of the less traveled roads on the island and has a beautiful modern motif. Be sure to try one of their delicious cheese platters with your tasting.

Wines we recommend at Vassaltis Vineyards are their reds.


Tips for Enjoying the Wine of Santorini

  • Don’t leave Santorini without bringing a bottle (or two or three!) home! We love to take Santorini wine home with us and enjoy it on a special occasion. To pack your bottles safely and securely, wrap them in your clothes and place them in the center of your suitcase. Be sure to wedge clothes tightly around them on all sides in case your suitcase is dropped on the ground. You’ll need to check this bag, since that amount of liquid isn’t allowed in carry-on baggage.


  • Don’t drink and drive! The last thing we want is for you to get hurt or injure someone else. Please drink responsibly and hire a driver to take you around for a day of wine tasting on Santorini. Remember that Greek wines may have a higher alcohol content than you’re used to.

Leave your reviews and recommendations of the wine of Santorini in the comments below.


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