Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades Island group. For this reason, it has lots of beaches. Many people regard the beaches in Naxos as the best in Greece. On a short holiday though, you may not have the time to explore them all, so here are five of the best beaches in Naxos.

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios beach is the first beach outside of Naxos town. The water is almost a Caribbean turquoise color. The sand is golden and soft although not fine sand. Some of the beach is organized and has umbrellas and sunbeds to rent. These are mostly offered by local restaurants. You can also pitch your own blanket anywhere there is an open space. During the busy season, you will want to arrive early to secure a sunbed. In the off-season, there may be fewer options to rent a sunbed so be sure to bring a towel or chair of your own.

To get to this beach take the bus from Naxos Town. The bus driver will announce the stops. You purchase your tickets from the bus station in Naxos town. You can also buy your return ticket in town or from the shop across from the bus stop in Agios Prokopios. If you have rented a car, there is public parking about a 10-minute walk from the beach. You do not have to pay to park.


Plaka beach is one of the longest beaches in Naxos. The sand is fine and soft. The water is deeper here and has incredible color. Most of Plaka beach is organized, and you have many options of where to sit. As in Agios Prokopios, you can rent an umbrella and beach chair from a restaurant and order food. Plaka beach provides excellent views of Paros and the ferries running to and from Naxos.

The bus also runs to Plaka and offers several different stops along the way. If you drive you should know that after Agia Anna the road changes to a sand road. The road is compacted so any car can drive on it. The road gets more narrow here, and you may need to go one at a time through some sections as the public bus runs through here and it can get tight. Go slow, be patient and you will be fine.

Agia Anna

Agia Anna Beach Naxos

Not far from Agios Prokopios is Agia Anna beach. This beach is small, but the water is shallow making it a great place for kids and snorkeling. The beach is surrounded by cedar trees, so the unorganized part has shade. There is an organized section of the beach as well. If you are into snorkeling, there is a sea turtle that frequents Agia Anna so be on the lookout!

Agia Anna is also reachable by bus from Naxos Town. The public parking for this Naxos beach is near the end of the beach. The entrance is not easy to see due to the trees though.


Kastraki Beach Naxos

If you seek fewer crowds, then Kastraki beach is the beach for you! Due to its distance from town and the fact that it is a larger beach means there are fewer people and they are spread apart. While the beach is organized there are not many umbrellas and chairs. I recommend you bring your own so you can enjoy the quieter parts.

You can drive or take the bus to Kastraki. There is a large parking area that is unpaved right next to the beach. You will have to walk through some small dunes to get to the actual beach so make sure you have shoes on to protect your feet from the hot sand. Keep in mind that the bus to Kastraki is limited and during the off-season, it may not go at all.

Agios Georgios

Agios Gregorios Beach Naxos

Agios Georgios beach is the beach right in town. You can walk there from the center in about 15 minutes or stay right next to the beach and walk there in less than 2 minutes. The beach is a good size and has plenty of options for tavernas and bars. The umbrellas and chairs are usually run by one of the restaurants or bars.

The water is shallow close to town, and it gets deeper further down the beach. The section that is shallow is shallow for quite a way out, and you can walk out far before the water gets above your waist. It is a great beach to bring kids to since it is so shallow. The waves can be larger if the wind is high, but most of the time it is a calm beach.

There are plenty more beaches to explore in Naxos, but these are some of the best and most convenient beaches to visit while on your vacation in Naxos.


The best Naxos Beaches