One of the most thrilling ways to see Santorini (Thira) is by sea. There are several businesses on the island that offer excursions via sailboat, catamaran, or traditional boat. Sailing Santorini is a unique experience that can cost from 80 euros per person and up.

You can find half-day and all day sails. Options range from a shared boat with anywhere from 8 to 40 people or a private charter. Most include beverages and some include a meal, depending on the length of your trip. You can also choose a boat that stops to swim in the volcanic springs in the middle of the caldera. All day sails typically have 2-3 stops to swim and snorkel near beautiful Santorini beaches.

We highly recommend a day long sail with beverages and a meal. You’ll get to see beaches, like White Beach, that are not easy to get to on land. Relaxing on a sailboat or catamaran, while taking in the natural wonder of the island of Santorini is a once in a lifetime experience.

Keep the following in mind when sailing Santorini…

The volcanic springs, located in the middle of the caldera, are promoted as hot springs. The springs are not hot. They are warm at best and the water in the springs area is rich in sulfur, which is thought to be healing. You’ll immediately smell the sulfur when the boat approaches. The smell will stay on your swim suit and can leave stains, so some boats will have a hose for you to rinse off when you come back onboard. If there isn’t an option to get the sulfur off right away, be sure to wash your swim suit out once you get back to your hotel. Also, the boats only stay at the hot springs for 15-30 minutes and you have a choice whether to get in the water or not.


Sailing Santorini Greece