Introduction to Milos

Milos is the western most island in the Cyclades group. This island is also made from a volcano, much like Santorini. Milos is where the famous Venus de Milo was found in 1820. While it is not as popular as many of the other Cycladic islands, it is extremely beautiful and worth a visit. The bonus is that less people visit Milos making it a good place to escape other tourists.

Keep reading to find out how to experience Milos with our 1 day and 3 day itinerary.

Sarakinikio Beach
Klima, Milos


Milos can be reached by ferry and by plane. Due to Milos’ distance, most of the ferries are fast ferries. We highly recommend taking the ferry to see the beautiful entrance to the harbor on arrival.

Here are 5 recommended experiences:

1. Explore the many beaches. Milos had plenty of beautiful beaches to visit. The most unique beach to visit it Sarakiniko Beach. Sarakiniko Beach looks likes something from the moon. It is because it is formed from the volcanic rock that makes up much of the island.

2. Take a day sail around the island. Some of the best spots on Milos are not reachable by car so it is a good idea to take a day sail around the island to explore. There are several options in the Adamas port including sailing, catamarans, and speed boats.

3. Visit the beautiful village of Plaka. Plaka is the capital of Milos and is set high up on a hill. Not only is the village charming and perfect for photographs but the views from here are outstanding. Our tip is to head to the Catholic church, Panagia Korphiatissa, to get a view of the ferries coming into Port.

4. Walk through the tunnels of the Milos Catacombs. The catacombs sit below the village of Plaka. They started excavating the catacombs in 1843. The catacombs haven’t been fully explored, but you can visit them with a tour guide who is provided with your ticket.

5. Visit the fishing village of Klima. This small fishing village is located at the entrance of the harbor of Milos. The village literally sits on the edge of the Aegean Sea. You can walk by the fisherman houses that usually have a space for their boats to be stored on the ground floor.

1 Day and 3 Day Ios Itinerary

1 Day Itinerary

09:00-12:00 – Have breakfast and go to the beach. Sarakiniko Beach is the first place you will want to go. Due to its popularity and the white rock’s tendency to radiate heat, go early in the morning. This way you can take photos and swim before the crowds arrive.

12:00-15:00 – Take the bus to Plaka. Plaka is one of the most picturesque Greek villages and its location is amazing. It overlooks the entrance of the harbor and you can see the ferries arrive and depart. The best place to see the view is at the Catholic church.

15:00-18:00 – Watch the sunset and have dinner. Like many Greek islands, the sunset in Milos is stunning. The Port town of Adamas is a great place to see it. After watching the sunset, head to dinner at Marianna Restaurant with a view of the sea. If you like eggplant, order their imam. It is one of the best we have ever had.

3 Day Itinerary

After your first day on the island, add-on these two days of fun to your itinerary…


Morning and Afternoon – Take a day sail around the island. Many of the best beaches on Milos are not accessible by road and taking a day sail is the only way to see them. Make sure you pick one that visits Kleftiko.

Evening – Head to O! Hamos! Taverna for dinner. You will want a big Greek meal after sunning yourself all day. O! Hamos, located in Adamas, is a traditional Greek taverna serving all the traditional dishes.


Morning – Rent a car and head to Klima. You will not want to miss the fishing village of Klima. It is a great glimpse into the fishing and village culture of Greece.

Afternoon – Visit the Catacombs and go to the beach.  The Milos catacombs are not far from Klima making it a great place to stop after the village. It won’t take very long to visit them. Afterwards, head to Plathiena beach. This small but hidden gem of a beach is good place to relax after your days of touring Milos island.

Evening – Dine near your hotel and have a relaxing evening. If you’re only in Milos for 3 days, enjoy your last evening by dining under the stars. We recommend Santa Maria Village Resort and Spa for your stay in Milos and they also have a pool side full service bar. And believe us, relaxation is not a problem there!

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