Introduction to Aegina

Aegina is located in the Saronic Gulf and is only an hour ferry ride from Athens. Known for Fistikia (Pistachio nuts), Aegina has it all – culture, beaches, and affordability. And the seafood is superb. This beautiful island is a great escape from the metropolis of Athens.

The island of Aegina is easy to get around by car, motorbike, or bicycle. There are rental companies located within walking distance to the port. There is also a bus system.

Keep reading to find out how to experience Aegina with our 1 day and 3 day itinerary.

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Aegina Travel Tips
Aegina Beaches


Getting to Aegina costs less than 20 euros on a 40-75 minute ferry ride from Athens, Greece. This makes it a great get-away while still being close to the conveniences of the big city.

Aegina is full of experiences that are affordable and fun. Here are 5 recommended experiences:

1. Relax on the Beach. There are several beaches around the island. One of our favorites is near the Fyki Beach Restaurant on the southwest side of the island. It is a great place to swim and rent beach chairs and an umbrella for the day. Plus, it has dreamy views of Agistri island across the way. This is an easy Aegina beach to get to from the Port of Aegina via bus, bike, or motorized vehicle.

2. Do a Self-Guided Tour of the Island. Rent a car, scooter or bicycle to explore Aegina at your own pace. If you rent a scooter, be sure to wear a helmet and do a complete safety check before leaving the rental shop. Double check the brakes on your bike are working properly. Aegina’s hilly terrain is fun to explore, but do so safely. It is a great way to check out all the Aegina beaches.

3. Visit Agios Nektarios. Agios Nektarios church and monastery is located in the center of the island. The magnificent structure and atmosphere provides a unique glimpse into the community of Aegina. Go inside, but remember to be silent and make sure your shoulders are covered.

4. Eat Seafood. Aegina restaurants know how to make freshly caught seafood memorable. From Bass to Snapper and Shrimp to Grilled Octopus, the cuisine from the sea is plentiful. Aegina town or Perdika have the best restaurant options. Often the catch of the day will be displayed for you to choose what you would like cooked. Ask your server what the local favorites are and order a few different options to try.

5. Go Shopping. While there are options for souvenir shopping, similar to that of any Greek Island, Aegina also has some unique artisan goods. Go behind the main street, into the alleyways, in Aegina Town. You’ll find one of a kind art, jewelry, and more. And, of course, Fistikia (Pistachio nuts). As a value-add to your experience, take time to talk with the shop owners and learn about their community.

1 Day and 3 Day Aegina Itinerary

1 Day Itinerary

09:00-12:00 – Have Breakfast and Go Shopping in Aegina Town. When you get off the ferry, walk a short distance to one of the cafes for breakfast. Sit and watch the boats go in and out of the harbor. Then stroll through the narrow alleys to discover the various shops.

12:00-15:00 – Swim and Relax at the Beach. Take the bus down the road to the beach near the Fyki Beach Restaurant on the southwest side of the island.

Alternative Option: Instead of the beach, do a self-guided tour of the island. Rent a car, motorbike, or bicycle and explore. If you’re not a time schedule, simply follow the roads around and see where they take you!

15:00-18:00 – Eat Fresh Seafood. Be sure to eat a fresh seafood late lunch or early dinner before you hop back on the ferry. There are several restaurants in Aegina Town within walking distance to the port.

Catch the sunset on the ferry back to Athens!

3 Day Itinerary

After your first day on the island, add-on these two days of fun to your itinerary…


Morning and Afternoon – Go on a Self-Guided Tour Around the Entire Island. Rent a car or motorbike and explore Aegina. Start in Aegina Town and head east toward Agia Marina along the sea. Stop to take a refreshing dip on the sea. The Temple of Aphaia is also on the way and there are amazing panoramic views from the temple grounds. After visiting Agia Marina, head up into the mountains. Go to Agios Nektarios, a Greek Orthodox church and monastery. Slowly make your way to Perdika, taking in the views as you head back down to the sea front. From Perdika, you can head north along the shoreline back to Aegina Town.

Dinner – Take in the Sunset With Dinner in Aegina Town. There are multiple restaurants to choose from. Ask around for recommendations off the beaten path.


Mid-Morning and Afternoon – Visit Moni Island Beach. Moni is an island located across from Perdika, on the south side of Aegina. It has beautiful turquoise waters that you’ll be talking about for years to come. The island is not inhabited so be prepared for a natural experience and take water and food with you. You can get to the island by small boats that are docked at the Perdika pier. There are not necessarily time tables for the boats, but they come and go frequently in peak season. In the off season, you will need to request a ride at the dock or ask your hotel for guidance.

Evening – Enjoy Dinner in Perdika and an Evening Swim. Go for an evening swim in the sea near Perdika. Then find a restaurant for a cozy late evening meal under the stars.

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