Greece Accommodation Reviews

We provide Greece accommodation reviews to help you book the best stays on Greek islands.

REVIEW: Studios Panos in Naxos

Studios Panos is a boutique hotel on the island of Naxos that easily gets 5 stars from us. Renovated in 2018-19, it is modern and comfortable. It’s located one block from the beach, a short walking distance from restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and the main square of Naxos Town. Even though it’s close to every amenity you could want it sits off the main street, making your stay a quiet one.

REVIEW: Studios Panos in Naxos2023-01-14T01:06:16-05:00

REVIEW: Santa Maria Village in Milos

One thing is for sure, Santa Maria Village Resort and Spa on the island of Milos has magnificent views! You can relax poolside to enjoy the stunning island sunsets. And in the morning, you can catch the sunrise coming over the hills on the opposite side. These romantic displays of the sun, plus a resort [...]

REVIEW: Santa Maria Village in Milos2023-01-14T01:09:23-05:00

REVIEW: Blue Waves Hotel in Santorini

One of the many things to love about the island of Santorini is Blue Waves Hotel in Kamari Beach. It has charm, elegance, luxury, and a “feels like home” environment all wrapped into one. While you’ll find Blue Waves Hotel listed as a 2-star, this hotel is a 5-star experience. We give it our 5-star [...]

REVIEW: Blue Waves Hotel in Santorini2023-01-14T01:11:24-05:00