Greek island hopping is a popular activity when visiting Greece. However, another great option is to pick one island to use as a base. Island hopping is easily done in the Cycladic island group with frequent ferry options, which is why a day trip to Paros is a great idea.

Getting to Paros, Greece

Paros’ location is easily reached by ferry from several islands including, Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos. You can fly to Paros but only from Athens. During the high-season multiple ferries will arrive at Paros and return. We suggest arriving in the early morning and departing after your dinner on your day trip to Paros.

Itinerary for One Day in Paros

When you arrive in Paros by ferry you will arrive in the Port of Parikia. Since you are just there for the day, you can immediately start sightseeing without having to check into a hotel. There are plenty of things to do in Paros so get exploring.


Your first stop should be the church of 100 doors, which is called Panagia Ekatontapiliani. The church is walking distance from the Port and you can find it by following the signs.

Church of 100 doors entry

The church is one of the oldest and best-preserved Christian churches. It was built in the 4th century. The inside is stunning, however, photographs are not allowed inside. You should also be dress appropriately but long skirts are offered at the door if you happened to be wearing shorts.

After you visit the church, head around the back of the church. Not only will you get to see the tile roof of the church, but the path takes you up towards your next stop, the Archeology Museum of Paros.

The museum is small but has some great artifacts including the marble statue of Gorgon. There are smaller artifacts as well. The cost to enter is €3 (as of 2020).

Walk back to the Port and head to the bus station, which is located next to the Port. Purchase a round trip ticket to Naoussa.


Naoussa is a small fishing village that is located on the north side of Paros. It is a picturesque village that has a small port and plenty of shopping.

It is also home to an ancient crumbling Venetian castle. Much of the castle has been eroded from the sea and time, but a small portion is accessible by foot. It is worth visiting to see the inside but also to get a unique vantage point of Naoussa.

Venetian castle in Paros

Take the time to walk around Naoussa to take photos of the village.

After wandering, have lunch at Tsachpinis Ouzeri. This cafe is right next to the sea and is the perfect spot to people watch, enjoy a fresh catch and relax in the Greek sun. The seafood is fresh and incredible.

Since you are only in Paros for the day, you may not have time to hit a beach. However, there is a small beach right in Naoussa called Piperi Beach. You can walk from Naoussa to Piperi. It is a great spot to relax for an hour or two before catching the bus back to Parikia.


Depending on the time of year you visit Paros, you will arrive back in Parikia before sunset. One of the best places to watch the Greek sunset is the Frankish Kastro. The Kastro has been incorporated into the modern city, but you can still see some of the remnants of the walls.

Frankish Kastro

The courtyard area, which is in front of some houses, offers a great view of the Port and is where to watch the sunset in Paros. Make sure you stay for at least ten minutes after the sun goes down as the color only improves the longer you stay.

After sunset, head down to the Port area and have dinner at Hellas. It is located right across from the Port. This way you get a good meal with a view while waiting for your ferry.

Once you leave Paros, enjoy your ferry ride back to the island you came from or the next island on your island-hopping itinerary. Good options to base yourself for a day trip to Paros are Naxos, Ios or Mykonos. If you aren’t ready to leave Paros, you can always stay the night and visit Antiparos the next day.


A Day Trip to Paros Greece