Looking for 2020 travel goals? We’ve compiled 20 destinations and activities in the Greek islands to add to your list. And be sure to follow our Instagram for opportunities to win some of the items below this month.


  1. Mykonos Town

    This old port town on Mykonos is a labyrinth of streets just waiting to be explored. You can spend a half day or more wandering through the shops, eating in the cafes and tavernas, and getting plenty of photo opportunities.

    Mykonos Town Travel Goals

  2. Aegina

    A short 1-hour ferry ride from Athens, Aegina is the perfect island for the beach, seafood, nature, and shopping. It’s a great way to experience a Greek island on any type of budget.


  1. Wineries of Santorini

    One of the most unique parts of Santorini is the vineyards spread across the island. Check out our favorite wineries and be sure to pack a bottle or two to take home.

Santorini Greece Winery Visits

  1. Hydra

    If you’re looking for a quiet island with no cars, Hydra is the place. It is quaint, walkable, and an easy day trip from Athens that will surely be a highlight of your travel goals. 


  1. Naxos Beaches

    The Greek islands have tons of beaches to choose from. Naxos has some of our favorite beaches because they are sandy and have plenty of space to relax for days on end.


  1. Milos

    The island of Milos has fascinating rock formations, secluded coves and caves, and a coastline that leaves you speechless. Spend a couple days exploring this island by car.


  1. Ladolea

    This olive oil, produced in the Corinthia region, is one of our favorite traditional Greek products. And the handmade ceramic pot it comes in makes it extra special. We originally discovered Ladolea products on the island of Naxos, but it is sold throughout Greece.

Ladolea Olive Oil Greece


  1. Sail Santorini

    One of our favorite things to do when visiting Santorini is to go on a day sail around the island. Our friends at Sunset Oia offer shared and private sails.


  1. Paros

    The island of Paros has history, beaches, and quaint mountain villages. Its proximity to Naxos is a bonus, making it easy to visit both islands in one trip. 


  1. Motorbikes

    A fun way to get around a Greek island is on a motorbike. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re an experienced rider it’s a great way to explore. Just be sure to wear a helmet and have a license.

Motorbikes on Greek islands

  1. Andros

    The island of Andros is large and beautiful. We love it because of its beaches and natural beauty that can seem untouched due to being less traveled upon as compared to other islands.


  1. Naxos Potatoes

    The island of Naxos is known for its local potatoes that have an extremely satisfying taste due to the composition of the soil and climate. Once you’ve had a Naxos potato, you’ll want to visit the island just for this gastronomic delight.


  1. Crete

    One of the southernmost Greek islands is Crete. It has history and views for days. Add on a couple days to your European vacation and include Crete, as there are often inexpensive direct flights to the island from places like Paris and London.


  1. Archaeological Sites of Delos

    It is one of the best preserved historical sites in Greece. You can take a day trip to the island of Delos from Mykonos. 


  1. Ios

    Visit Ios for an authentic Greek island experience. This island is charming and captivating. You can plan a day or two there with easy access from surrounding islands.


  1. Cooking Class

    Greek food is one of the best cuisines in the Mediterranean – but we’re a little bias! Take a cooking class in whatever destination you find yourself in Greece. We guarantee you’ll be adding recipes into your diet back home.

greek food cooking class

  1. Corfu

    Located near the northwest border of Greece, Corfu is a popular year-round destination. It has three Venetian forts that will transport you back in time. 


  1. Oia and Fira, Santorini

    The villages of Oia and Fira on the island of Santorini are a must-see. Windy, narrow streets lead you through dreamy architecture on cliffs that overlook the majestic caldera. 


  1. Hiking

    There are adventurous opportunities for hiking in the Greek islands. Andros, Kefalonia, Crete, Milos, Samothraki, Corfu, Sifnos, Skyros, and Rhodes to name some. While each island offers different landscapes and types of trails, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the treasures you find along the way.


  1. Travel With Us

    Greece Connect is a 9-night small group tour that takes you to Athens, Naxos, Santorini, and the small Cyclades. Whether you’re simply looking for an opportunity to travel with new people or want to bring friends – this trip is for anyone who wants to go off the beaten path in Greece. One of our Greece experts is your tour guide and concierge through the entire, inclusive experience.

Greece Connect small group travel tour

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20 Travel Goals for 2020 Greece