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The Greek Island Guides (GIG) provides tips and itineraries for travel within Greece and its islands. Learn when and where to find all the best excursions, restaurants, archeological sites, shopping, sailing, and beaches.

Experience Greece with GIG as your virtual tour guide!

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Greek Island Guides

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Experience Greece through our travel blog. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, planning a Greek island vacation, a Greece resident, or someone who hopes to visit in the future you’re likely to increase your wanderlust.

You’ll learn about destinations and Greek culture. And the blog provides travel tips such as island hopping itineraries and reviews of hotels and other businesses. We also share the best beaches to discover in the Greek islands, when to visit, and what to expect.

Think of Greek Island Guides as your virtual tour guide. Check in while planning your trip to Greece and during your travels. We look forward to helping you create wonderful memories.


“Greek Island Guides has a way of making places come alive. And you’re left with a longing to go back.”

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